Boston acting COmpany

I offer individualized coaching to actors at all levels of experience.

My 30 years of "sustained excellence" in the business makes me one of the most highly respected actors and teachers in the industry. My passion is researching material to fit your type and strengths and editing your audition to create an artistic whole.

*Of my student clients in 2016, 100%  were accepted  into their first choice college theatre programs which included Yale, Princeton, NYU and Brown. 

My coaching will help you shape your audition so that it creates a miniature portrait of you, the actor.


What can you expect at your session?

  • Reading through selections at the first session
  • Selecting and editing new material
  • Analyzing text to discover intention and action
  • Rehearsing material and incorporating direction
  • If you are preparing to audition for a specific role, we will rehearse ‘cold reads’ from that play or film
  • Rehearsing your entrance into the audition room
  • Preparing the “moment before” you speak
  • Your homework for the next session: read the play and “walk with the script”

Why am I your secret weapon?

  • I offer specific monologues to fit your type, your personality, your skill level and your age.
  • My monologues are NOT chosen from monologue books or collections. I carefully research and personally edit monologues to adapt to you and your one to two minute time limit.
  • I help you find monologues that complement each other so that your 2 pieces will ultimately be a miniature portrait of you, the artist, the actor. Your audition will give your auditors a sample of your emotional range and ability.
  • We dissect your monologue together, beat by beat, and then put it back together and find FLOW and momentum.
  • We explore specific blocking choices that add dynamic physical action to your audition.
  • I help you make active choices so that your monologue is not just a moment in a character’s life, but rather a living breathing entity in which your character changes and is TRANSFORMED.
  • I research plays to find a complementary monologue for your song. Together we create original and unique ways to make the segue from one piece to the next an artistic whole. 
  • Walking into the room makes your first impression. I spend time with you creating your entrance into the audition room, greeting the auditors, announcing your monologues and finding your eye level and point of focus.
  • I train you in relaxation techniques and visualization exercises that give you the extra psychological edge you will need in the room. These techniques prepare you for the “game” of auditioning, much like athletes prepare for a sport.
  • YOU are in charge of your audition. You are the HOST of this party. Part of your job is to make the auditors feel at ease so that they can enjoy your performance. It’s your two-minute SHOW in which you are all the characters AND the HOST. Your confident presentation of your work is my goal for you.
  • Other goals beside finding the perfect ‘fit’ for you in terms of material, are authenticity (bringing out your authentic responses), simplicity, truth, reality, and spontaneity. I also work extensively on breathing and stillness to find the easiest, simplest path to the truth.
  • I work out of my very comfortable home in Medford. Together we create a schedule and a calendar at your first lesson so that you block out time to work your monologues to performance level.
  • Through various breathing/relaxation techniques and warm-up  exercises  in your session, we'll work on “centering” to help you instantly focus and energize your performance.
  • I help you find the FUN in your work so that you actually enjoy your audition! 

You don't have to take my word for it...

My coaching will give you the strengths and skills you need to get the part!