"Beautifully centered"

“Paula Plum’s hilarious turn as Kath... With her perfectly pitched cockney accent and her lascivious expressions, she’s wonderfully in synch with Orton’s odd, comic perspective. It’s a beautifully centered performance: exaggerated, but rooted in reality. Plum is able to turn this childlike monster into someone pitiable, and, in the play’s closing moments, she become a model of shrewd decorum...”

-Robert Nesti

"Truly admirable"

“In a span of two hours Plum shifts gears adeptly from dowdy and weak, to defiant and grief stricken, and finally to cold and hardened. To watch the character muster the wherewithal to admit half-innocently 'My father doesn’t like me,' is to witness the kind of simplicity that great acting is made of. Here... you will see flashes of brilliance, mostly from Ms. Plum; her performance elevated this production from simply competent to truly admirable.”

-Todd Olson