"I was a 55 year old actor taking the stage for the first time. The only training I had was a month long intensive workshop at Shakespeare and Co in Lenox. I had little technique and knew I needed help both in audition and when cast. Paula Plum is the perfect person for a new actor like myself and for the journey man actor who needs tweaking.

Paula is a comforting, but rigorous teacher who will call you on your bad habits. But do so in a way that is not demeaning. She is so filled with love for the stage and for actors that you feel a warmth when working with her and no shame when you fall back into a bad habit. She is filled with stories that illuminate acting problems and how her teachers have confronted those problems.

She does her homework. When you tell Paula you need help with a script, she has read the script before you get in the room - her living room. She will offer water, tea, or coffee and ask you about your life as you settle in for a session. You feel you are with a friend - one who loves you enough to call you out when you forget and fall back a bit.

I have recommended her to several actor friends of mine who have been acting since they were young. To a person they thank me for the referral and have become long time students of Paula’s.

New to acting or an old pro, Paula finds the right level to assist you to hone your craft. If you need audition pieces for StageSource or for an audition, she will figure out the ones that highlight what you bring to the stage and then work with you to make them shine. If you are about to go into rehearsal she will assist you to get “ahead” of things by helping you analyze your role.

Her prices are well within the norm for personal coaching. I don’t think you can do better."

-Chuck Schwager, Actor, President/CEO, Polaris Healthcare Services

Tony Howell

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.